Friday, October 7, 2011

Graphic Designer Tauranga

As a graphic designer Tauranga, we deliver an SME brand identity design service that rivals much larger studios and budgets. We’re a boutique graphic designer Tauranga, talented and experienced delivering design that sets businesses on the front foot.

Our base service provides logo design, stationery design, collateral templates and a digital graphic archive that provides your brand identity blueprint.

i360 deliver a range of services dedicated to building brands and business online. Be confident that if you need a graphic designer Tauranga, we will deliver it to exacting standards.

Come to the experts for a graphic designer Tauranga.

i360 were great to work with and had a very client focused approach. Our needs were pretty specific and it was important to us for the site to capture the essence of what we do as an organisation. Scott worked with us collaboratively and had the patience to craft the content to fit our needs. I recommend i360 as a great kiwi company committed to delivering excellence.

Graphic Designer Tauranga and Brand Strategy

Getting to the heart of what your business stands for is what we’re about. We discuss and think and test and distill your businesses message to make sure we deliver your best identity to the world.
Online Strategy

We provide strategy, advice and planning for businesses who are promoting themselves or fully operating online. Many years of experience with a diverse range of businesses (and business models) provides us the ability to offer relevant and intelligent advice to enable full utilisation of the internet medium for business profit.

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